A weekly podcast about building apps that run everywhere using open web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, and JSON. Hosted by Jonathan Stark and Kelli Shaver.

Episode 125: Super Groove Jonathan and Kelli talk about the fallout from Apple's iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements: iOS is officially fragmented, NFC goes mainstream, and the smartwatch category gets the Apple stamp of approval.

Episode 124: Sniffing Through Charles Jonathan and Kelli talk about git workflow, AWS bugs, and Apple's upcoming product announcement.

Episode 123: The Smell of Desperation Jonathan and Kelli we follow up on some Pebble smartwatch news, rant about bad error messages and documentation, and announce Nitch Bits: a series of short videos aimed at making your life as a web developer a little bit easier.

Episode 122: Ear And Whatnot Jonathan and Kelli talk about building watch apps with Pebble.js, auto-playing mp3s with the audio API, and compiling HTML apps with PhoneGap.

Episode 121: The Butler Model Jonathan and Kelli talk about some crazy new I/O options and how they could fundamentally change the way we design and build interfaces.

Episode 120: Because Reasons Jonathan and Kelli talk about the new and improved Feathers front-end prototyping gem, whitespace bugs in JSON, and taking the Skateboard approach to product development.

Episode 119: Whenever And Then Some Jonathan and Kelli talk about Rails, Rails, and more Rails. Paperclip updates, Devise bugs, and three nifty gems for your fun and enjoyment.

Episode 118: Ignorance, KY Jonathan and Kelli talk about bugs, bugs, and more bugs: iframe appcache hack, public assets gone missing with capistrano, retroactive paperclipping, stupid git tricks.

Episode 117: Segueing With Wild Abandon Jonathan and Kelli explore the subtle details that separate the good from the bad in user experience design for smartwatches.

Episode 116: The Names of Meat Jonathan and Kelli talk about running Firefox OS apps on Android, logging calories in Lynx, and how Kelli was oh so right and I was oh so wrong about building APIs first.

Episode 115: Lick Here Jonathan and Kelli list the top ten reasons why you should wrap your web app in PhoneGap.

Episode 114: Slightly Jaundiced At Best Jonathan and Kelli talk about smartwatches, connected homes, zen clocks and app cache bugs. How’s that for a grab bag?

Episode 113: Vigilante Skunk Jonathan and Kelli talk about NFC rings, the Narrative Clip, and Amazon's new Fire Phone - but not before a big waffle about pretzel drones, vigilante skunks, nerd camp and much much more.

Episode 112: Fifty Three Keys Later Jonathan and Kelli talk about three connected gadgets - the Hiku barcode scanner, the Narrative Clip, and the Pebble smartwatch - which ones are developer friendly and which ones aren't.

Episode 111: Crawling Out Of The Backend Jonathan and Kelli try - and probably fail miserably - to answer a Dear Listener’s question about the pros and cons of various frontend JavaScripts frameworks.

Episode 110: Eyebrow Buttons Jonathan and Kelli talk about updates to FastActive, gotchas with mod proxy, configuring virtual machines with Vagrant, and oh. So much more...

Episode 109: Dog Job Jonathan and Kelli talk about programming a stateless SMS app with Twilio, managing web app releases with Capistrano, and dreading our children’s entry into teenhood.

Episode 108: Me And My Antler Jonathan and Kelli talk about extending the functionality of your Rails application with engines - but not before we waffle around with housekeeping for about a half an hour.

Episode 107: Mmmm… Giant Cookie Jonathan and Kelli talk about ARTIFACT Conference recap, building static sites with, and gotchas with msp.

Episode 106: Headless Parakeet Jonathan and Kelli brainstorm the underlying principles of designing in the browser in hopes of spawning a thousand baby Pattern Labs.

Episode 105: A Slapfight Among Gentlemen Jonathan and Kelli talk about exploding apps, deconstructing smartphones, and why social networking on a watch is a good idea.

Episode 104: Infinite Cookie Loop Jonathan and Kelli talk about cross-platform perfection: what to do when media queries are not enough.

Episode 103: Kings Of Remoktyo Jonathan and Kelli talk about queuing long requests with Sidekiq, monitoring servers with Monit, and playing cards over the internet with RDS.

Episode 102: Jumpoline Jonathan and Kelli talk about big text on little screens. The Spritz SDK gets us thinking that reading a book on your watch might make sense after all.

Episode 101: Extended Faceplant Jonathan and Kelli talk about tools, tools, and more tools: Grunt, Atom, Dropzone, Popcorn, and oh... so much more.

Episode 100: Save 15% On Your CSS! Jonathan and Kelli talk about Android Wear and the possible effects on everything from the Pebble Smartwatch to the sanity of Web designers.

Episode 99: Total Dad Plan Jonathan and Kelli talk about preaching to the choir(.io), web apps for watches, and a second look at smart glasses.

Episode 98: Pee Rink Jonathan and Kelli talk about first impressions of Google Glass, DIY SaaS integration with Zapier, and zoning out to the sounds of Github.

Episode 97: Dogs With No Noses Jonathan and Kelli talk about recent announcements from Facebook, Nokia, Mozilla, and Samsung - and how they affect app developers.

Episode 96: You Can’t Tuna Fish To Get To The Other Side Jonathan and Kelli talk about the shocking demand for smart headphones and what designers and developers can do to start building experiences for the coming zombie apocalypse of screenless devices.

Episode 95: Banana Piano Jonathan and Kelli talk about the relative merits of CSS grid systems and JavaScript libraries.

Episode 94: Function Frog Jonathan and Kelli talk about a slew of geeky books we've read lately: security, astronauts, innovation, cyberwar, and more. Think of it as recommended reading for nerds.

Episode 93: Lightsaber Customer Service Jonathan and Kelli talk about Kelli's new Raspberry Pi: what to do with it, how to program it, and what she loves about it.

Episode 92: Cattering Ram Jonathan and Kelli talk about a few of our favorite APIs: Stripe, Dropbox, Github, Twilio, and not Facebook.

Episode 91: Papil and Pencer Jonathan and Kelli talk about the tools we use to get our jobs done on a daily basis. Command line utilities, browser plugins, text editors, project management, and more.

Episode 90: We’ve Got Gas Jonathan and Kelli talk about “hacking” our Hue wireless lights.

Episode 89: Aspirational Laundry Jonathan and Kelli talk about the pros, cons, and programming implications of the top ten gadgets we received in 2013.

Episode 88: Old Waffles J-Bot and K-Bot revisit highlights from the previous year and beyond.

Episode 87: Sleep Hockeying Jonathan and Kelli talk about the Twitter redesign, improvements to mobile browsers, math bugs in JavaScript, and more.

Episode 86: Eleventy One Jonathan and Kelli talk about cross-platform consistency: should your app conform to platform conventions or maintain a consistent look and feel everywhere?

Episode 85: Earlids Jonathan and Kelli talk about notification overload: what it is, how to deal with it, and where we might be headed.

Episode 84: Pizza Car Jonathan and Kelli discuss the highlights of “APIs: A Strategy Guide” by Daniel Jacobson.

Episode 83: Dark Middle Jonathan and Kelli talk about Feathers, a minimalist CSS reset and boilerplate gem created by our very own Kelli Shaver.

Episode 82: Pink With a Hint of Orange Jonathan and Kelli talk about Pattern Lab, a tool for building atomic design systems created by Brad Frost and Dave Olsen.

Episode 81: Responsive Picnic Tables Jonathan and Kelli rant about dealing with HTML tables in responsive web design.

Episode 80: Even More Betterer Jonathan and Kelli talk about Ruby and Rails: learning resources, application considerations, and Kelli’s big win!

Episode 79: Oreo Island Jonathan and Kelli discuss a bunch of projects that they recently launched.

Episode 78: Reedonkulous Jonathan and Kelli give a brief intro to Git, how you can use it to replace FTP in your workflow, and why you probably should.

Episode 77: Accidental Interneting Jonathan and Kelli chat about the benefits of accessibility, availability, and progressive enhancement in cross-platform web projects.

Episode 76: Tickle Class Jonathan and Kelli discuss perception vs reality in the context of application performance. In particular, the importance of instantaneous feedback, a simple way to remove the pesky 300ms delay in webapps on touch devices, and the real reason why jank is a bad thing.

Episode 75: She’s Coming Unglued Jonathan and Kelli talk about Google’s two-factor authentication, smartwatch use cases, and a possible strategy behind Apple’s decision to release two new iPhones at the same time.

Episode 74: Psycho Like Me Jonathan and Kelli talk about how the iPhone 5c announcement illustrates that future-friendly thinking is more important than ever.

Episode 73: Tiny Tornado Jonathan and Kelli talk about smart watches: The WIMM One, MetaWatch, Pebble, and more.

Episode 72: Code Brown Jonathan and Kelli reach into the topic grab bag and pull out programmable lightbulbs, embracing constraints, prototyping in PHP, benchmarking CSS, and more.

Episode 71: For the Meeple, By the Meeple Jonathan and Kelli talk about what happened during Kelli's 48 hour weekend hackathon, including first impressions of RedHat's OpenShift cloud platform, pub/sub in Ruby with Faye, and oh, so much more.

Episode 70: It Can’t Be Worse Than Calgary Jonathan and Kelli talk about timezone bugs on Amazon S3, problems with ruby on new EC2’s chipset architecture, and news about RailsForum, Pandacodium, Spoken, Inside the Brackets, and a lot more.

Episode 69: That’s A Plus Jonathan and Kelli talk about real live project work on apps that run cross browser, cross platform, and beyond.

Episode 68: Fancy Class Jonathan and Kelli walk through a process for modern web development using responsive design, CSS3, and copious amounts of progressive enhancement.

Episode 67: Django Curious Kelli helps Jonathan finally - FINALLY! - make the switch from PHP to Rails.

Episode 66: I Blame My Shorts Jonathan and Kelli talk about function hoisting in Firefox, a fun new side project, and collapsing space with smartphone cameras.

Episode 65: Bumpin’ Colons Jonathan and Kelli continue with the fourth and final installment of their screencast on how to build a REST API with Ruby on Rails.

Episode 64: Cat Number One Jonathan and Kelli get very superstitious about Rails 4, JSON endpoints, responsive web

Episode 63: Disco Mode Jonathan and Kelli talk about responsive design, progressive enhancement, and development tools in the context of a big huge site redesign.

Episode 62: Love Me Some Curlies Jonathan and Kelli continue with part 3 of their screencast on how to build a REST API with Ruby on Rails.

Episode 61: Expecting Ernestina Jonathan and Kelli continue their screencast on how to build a REST API with Ruby on Rails.

Episode 60: Numerosity Kelli builds a rest api with ruby on rails, Jonathan asks stupid questions while she does it, and we post video of the whole shebang for you to enjoy in your copious free time.

Episode 59: Moonburn Jonathan and Kelli talk about the WeMo Switch, blink(1) USB, hue light bulbs, and the APIs that tie them all together.

Episode 58: Fifty Shades of Black Jonathan and Kelli talk about the upcoming screencast episode, performance problems with KnockoutJS, and the massive implications of Google's recent announcements at the IO conference.

Episode 57: Flossing With Rails Jonathan and Kelli talk about building - and more importantly, testing - REST APIs with Rails and RSpec.

Episode 56: Eighteen Hours Since Last Twisted Ankle Jonathan and Kelli talk about how to quote a project for a client who needs an app that can run everywhere.

Episode 55: Nerds in Grass Skirts Jonathan and Kelli talk about experimentation with the Lua programming language and the possible implications on cross-platform application development.

Episode 54: The Royal You Jonathan and Kelli talk about jQuery vs. Zepto... and other pointless debates.

Episode 53: Fluffdates Jonathan and Kelli sit back and say "I told you so" for 30 minutes as they talk about Glassware, the Mirror API, and improved methods for the distribution of cat photos with Google Glass.

Episode 52: Punching Kittens with Ethan Marcotte Jonathan and Kelli welcome special guest Ethan Marcotte to discuss some of the non-technical challenges of Responsive Web Design: unresponsive ad units, browsing the web on game consoles, getting client sign-off without Photoshop comps, and much more.

Episode 51: BBQ Chicken Disease Jonathan and Kelli talk all about Amazon Web Services - EC2, RDS, CloudWatch, and our new personal favorite, Simple Notification Service.

Episode 50: Up Since '72 Jonathan and Kelli talk about drag and drop on touchscreen devices and opting out of responsive web design.

Episode 49: Bathroom Warming Party Jonathan and Kelli talk about maintaining context in small screen apps, reconsidering jQuery for mobile projects, and preparing your content for the zombie apocalypse of smartwatches.

Episode 48: Touch Sensitive Backsides Jonathan and Kelli talk about WebHook gotchas, reconsidering SMS, and touch sensitive backsides.

Episode 47: Digesting the Koolaid Jonathan and Kelli talk about Lawnchair performance tips, simplfying your CSS with CSS Simple, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse of devices, part 2.

Episode 46: Rear View Hat Jonathan and Kelli prove that APIs are totally awesome, get into trouble with mobile first responsive design, and experiement with the next revolutionary mobile technology.

Episode 45: SASS Mafia Jonathan and Kelli talk about onclick conflicts between jQuery and Google Analytics, our development setup for Responsive Web Design, and why SASS is stupid. Kidding! Sheesh... lighten up :)

Episode 44: Shut Up Shot Clock Jonathan and Kelli talk about our defaults when starting a new project - tools, technology, language, structure, and more.

Episode 43: Spaghetti Frames Jonathan and Kelli talk about getting clever with Amazon's Elastic Block Store, redefining wireframes in the context of responsive web design, and our growing obsession with Jackbooks.

Episode 42: Jackbooks Jonathan and Kelli talk about gotchas with CORS headers in Rails apps, the definition of "Mobile First", and a process for Responsive Web Design.

Episode 41: Heavy Semicolon Jonathan and Kelli talk about enhancing site performance with Varnish, simplifying web development workflow with Sprockets, and legally binding responsive web design.

Episode 40: All We're Missing Is Everything Else Jonathan and Kelli talk about the pros and cons of Bootstrap, learning to live with Objective-C, and new developments in lamp programming (and we don't mean Linux).

Episode 39: Ramblecast (You've Been Warned) Jonathan and Kelli prognosticate endlessly about the future of computing, the effects of wireless connectivity on society, and what we can do now to prepare.

Episode 38: BRB... Bedroom On Fire Jonathan and Kelli talk about trouble with really big buttons, SMS apps for Kenyan farmers, and how to send API requests to a lamp.

Episode 37: Slow Headbutt Jonathan and Kelli talk about Safari rendering bugs, more location hash gotchas, and a rundown of dev tools including Knockout.js, Markup.js, Yeoman, and Reflector.

Episode 36: Syntastical Sugar Jonathan and Kelli talk about cross-browser location hash inconsistencies, thoughts on CoffeeScript, and the genius of NPR's "Create Once, Publish Everywhere" platform.

Episode 35: Once More With Feeling Jonathan and Kelli discuss media queries on Retina Macs, overflow scrolling on touchscreen devices, and lessons learned from a spaghetti code weekend with PHP.

Episode 34: The Wacky Flag Jonathan and Kelli talk about Web SQL Database, storing images as base64, and error handling considerations for REST APIs.

Episode 33: Piemaster Jonathan and Kelli talk about Kelli's first impressions of cross-platform mobile framework PhoneGap.

Episode 32: Echo Chamber of Misinformation Jonathan and Kelli talk about using DataMapper with CodeIgniter, the pros and cons of CSS grids in Bootstrap, icon font resources for responsive web design, and tips for using CORS with REST APIs.

Episode 31: Lonely Sneakers Jonathan and Kelli talk about debugging appcache in standalone webapps on iOS, Multi-AZ deployment with Amazon RDS, and the inevitable invasion of 7 inch tablets this holiday season.

Episode 30: The Mighty Gweed Jonathan and Kelli talk about debugging mod_rewrite, securing PHP installations, making Apache directory listings mobile-friendly, and who owns the data in a social application.

Episode 29: Carl Is Not Pleased Jonathan and Kelli talk about tools, tools, and more tools: EC2, Markdown, MySQL Workbench, Sequel Pro, Sencha Architect, Zend Studio, Geek tool, and more.

Episode 28: Wrench In The Monkeyworks Jonathan and Kelli talk about red flags, cranky moodlies, viral tweets... aaaand PhoneGap, and REST APIs, and interactive SMS bots, and all the usual stuff.

Episode 27: Fishing Around In The Woods Jonathan and Kelli talk about one million things, including: what the DocBook XML grammar has in common with Beats by Dr. Dre. Yep... seriously.

Episode 26: 900,000 Pixels Wide Jonathan and Kelli talk about audio augmented reality, mobile sticker shock, bitching on (and about) Twitter, and the upside of getting hacked.

Episode 25: Zippermouth Jonathan and Kelli talk about what went on in the Dallas biodome, highlights of the iPhone announcement (from 2007), Jonathan redesigns his site live out of sheer embarrassment, and then we get tooly on yoaz: text editors, CSS pre-processors, lightweight blogging engines, and... whatever CodeKit is.

Episode 24: Three Foot Commute Jonathan and Kelli talk about sandwich achievements, gratuitous animations, wireless green peas, and a future without graphical user interfaces.

Episode 23: Honey Nut Hateos Jonathan and Kelli talk about slogging through kernel logs on AWS, Kelli's mobile first responsive redesign, self-documentation vs static docs for RESTful APIs, the future of web browsers on iOS, why Jonathan is not an hypocrite on the Facebook native app thing, and the heartwarming story of a ragtag bunch of watermelon seeds who beat the odds and go on to win the big game. Wat?

Episode 22: iCarpet Jonathan and Kelli warm up with responsive web design, javascript media queries, and smart carpet before diving into Apple: how to learn Objective-C in a long weekend, the awesomeness of Xcode, and why iOS will never be a dominant software platform.

Episode 21: There's A Cream For That Jonathan and Kelli talk about everything from the future of online publishing to Cochlear implant hijacking. Sorry, no intro and outro music this week. If you miss it, please complain loudly on Twitter to @nitchapps.

Episode 20: Disembodied iPads Jonathan and Kelli talk about programming for a world where everyone has multiple connected devices, the tension between graphic design vs responsive design, and the challenges of managing open-source projects. But not before we spend 15 or so minutes waffling about juice fasts, coding as a family, and mousing with your face. You've been warned.

Episode 19: Flintstoning It Jonathan and Kelli apologize to the authors of the CORS spec, explain why the Web vs Native debate is a red herring, and wonder aloud what will happen to all the soon to be unemployed cabbies in Boston.

Episode 18: Why Is The Bathroom Clean? Jonathan and Kelli rag on cross-origin resource sharing, defend php as a REST framework language, and open sources oranges. Then we head into the weeds with sms for dogs, digital pills, and trusting your eyesight to a computer.

Episode 17: Bad Guy Boss Jonathan and Kelli talk about the genius of "view source" in web browsers, idealism vs reality in responsive web design, and freedom vs control in the coming wireless society.

Episode 16: Terrifying Robot Dog Jonathan and Kelli begin with many-to-many self joins with ActiveRecord, "sticky-finger" swipe in the mobile site, and a philosophy of comments for self-documenting code. And then we go totally off the reservation with broadcasting human senses, cars for the blind, and a truly terrifying robot dog. Fun!

Episode 15: Interesting Or What Have You Jonathan and Kelli talk about mobile web debugging tools, the moral conflict of using tables for layout, and development principles vs client demands. Also this week, The Nitch Podcast Drinking Game is born. WARNING: The audio is absolutely atrocious this week, so proceed at your own risk. Sorry!

Episode 14: Got Elephants? Jonathan and Kelli talk about ActiveRecord and SQL views, complexity in the database vs the middleware, HATEOAS vs OPTIONS requests, and much MUCH more. Coffee printers, predator pee, and the future of bricks and mortar retailers, for example.

Episode 13: Leftover Shrimp Jonathan and Kelli talk about the process of starting a mobile development project, the psychology of native apps vs web apps, and why we think companies should embrace cloud computing ASAP.

Episode 12: Snail Says Meow Jonathan and Kelli talk about X header deprecation, Margo ported to Ruby, database migrations with Active Record, and all things AWS.

Episode 11: Kelli With One I Jonathan and Kelli suggest a process for developing apps that run everywhere, share anecdotes about the alarming insecurity of telephonic communications, and wonder aloud about what will become of our website when we eventually shed this mortal coil. Grab yer hanky... it's a very special episode of the Nitch Podcast.

Episode 10: Tub Slumber Jonathan and Kelli explain why the mobile web is really just a warning shot in the wireless revolution, what content creators can do to prepare for interactive Coke bottles, and the difference between portable and mobile devices. But not before we spend some time navel gazing in honor of our tenth episode.

Episode 9: Naked Dogs Jonathan and Kelli apologize to the internet, shave our dogs, and discuss tools, tools, and more tools: wireframing, prototyping, documentation, debugging, and everyone's favorite - time tracking.

Episode 8: Barely Broken Jonathan and Kelli have a rambling chat about broken feet, bad movies, and bocce night in an attempt to talk about anything but Availio. Spoiler alert: we fail miserably.

Episode 7: Suckaphobia Jonathan and Kelli talk about audio tag support in Firefox, the allure of nosql key-value store Redis, the emotional impact of SMS vs the mobile web, and enjoy a visit from a very special guest - J's blue Kenmore Intuition vacuum cleaner.

Episode 6: The Dot Is Optional Jonathan and Kelli talk about accessing REST APIs over SMS, wrestling with Google Chat bots, confusion about the HTML5 Audio tag, and so much more.

Episode 5: Whack A Mole Jonathan and Kelli talk about writing API docs before API code, the advantages of progressive enhancement over graceful degradation, and the lost art of writing SQL queries.

Episode 4: Passive Aggressive Elbow Guy Jonathan and Kelli talk about REST APIs, automated testing, and knowing the rules before you break them.

Episode 3: Nicefully Degradationing Jonathan and Kelli talk about everything under the sun this week: ghost clicks in Availio, EOF merge conflicts in git, database events with Boutique.js, confusion about CORS, bitmapped text clipping paths on retina iPad, fun with the file API, and much more.

Episode 2: Eyeball Polish Jonathan and Kelli talk about HTML source order issues, painless API documentation, frictionless blogging with static Markdown files, people vs users, esoteric htaccess bugs, polishing eyeballs, and more.

Episode 1: Hello World Jonathan and Kelli talk about the Nitch concept, touch events, and offline web apps.